Everything I have wanted I will take it all...

Even if the world turned its back on me, I close my eyes and cover my ears.

Luna Memoria
22 November
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About Me ♥

I am a mere 15 year old mortal girl fangirling over the existence of near-perfect hott Korean idols. None of the fanfiction I write will ever become real, no matter how much I wish they could be =w=

Normally quiet, it is a whole different story once TVXQ and Super Junior become involved in anything while I'm within hearing/seeing distance X3

I'm well-known for my Yesung-bias and I am completely and utterly in love with him. I coonstantly wish that Kim Jaejoong was my older brother and I adore all of TVXQ and Super Junior + M (13+2) :3 I love to write, draw, make Asian graphics *cause I can* and SING!

So far, my most far-off dream is to one day become a famous singer in ASIA and sing on a stage with my idols/role models. ♥